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PeakClick's goal is to make you as succesfull as possible in all your PPC efforts. The most basic way of determining your success is how much money you make with us. In order to maximize your success we are giving you all the necessary tools that will help you make money with our program. Please contact us immediately for free SEO assistance. We have free SEO specialists available who can help you increase your websites search rankings.


PeakClick helps you increase your traffic by offering

  • Keyword databases Including highest bid keywords; you can market pages on search engines with the best paid keywords and make even more money. Databases are updated from time to time to make sure you are making the most money out of your traffic.

  • Landing pages Brandable directories in twelve different categories designed to increase conversion ratios; you can choose from: Business, Cars, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Health, Homes, Insurance, Internet, Legal, Shopping, Travel

  • Feed parsing scripts You can choose from a wide variety of feed parsing scripts in differing languages, including php, perl, asp and others.

  • Search boxes You can put them on your html pages; its the easiest form of adding search to your pages.

  • Toolbar Each and every click from this toolbar goes straight to your revenues.