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PeakClick gives webmasters maximum flexibility in viewing their stats. Whether you're busy and just need a quick snapshot of your traffic revenues or you're studying your traffic trends closely and need a lot of details, PeakClick's stats system gives webmasters the reporting they need. PeakClick's stats database also provides traffic and earnings details on subaccounts webmasters may use. Subaccounts allow webmasters to track the effectiveness of certain keywords or pages they are tracking. PeakClick's innovative stats comparison tool allows webmasters to compare any two date ranges to detect trends and pinpoint ROI (Return on Investment). This powerful and effective suite of tools is not available elsewhere.


Stats Preview

Stats lite
The lite stats version shows a quick snapshot earnings for a given time period.

Stats analysis
The advanced version gives you all the details you need for traffic and revenue comparison in one easy-to-navigate interface.

Graphic stats Graphic stats are also available to provide comprehensive and easy to understand visuals of your traffic and revenue. All your traffic details are shown broken down by time period. Our graphics stats functionality is so robust that it even allows you to compare your income between differing time periods. This powerful tool enables you to vividly understand the impact of your traffic generation and content optimization efforts.