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Peakclick operates a sophisticated advertising platform, since year 2004 we are constantly improving this software by adding new features. We are using our own expertise and advertisers remarks in order to make it the best advertising platform world wide.


Peakclick Platform has the following features

  • Campaign and individual advertisement settings, including targetting by

    • Traffic category, keywords or RON
    • Geolocation targetting by Country, State or City
    • Negative or positive keywords

  • Spend pacing allowing advertiser to evenly spread daily budget throughout the day

  • Day parting which enables possibility to run ads only during chosen hours of the day

  • Detailed statistics showing spend, bid price, clicks volume and CPC of individual keywords, advertiser can view historical data

  • Detailed graphical analytics showing the ads performance and traffic sources performance including conversion tracking tool which allows advertiser to view the exact conversion rates.

  • Traffic sources tailoring including possibility to block certain traffic sources from sending traffic

  • Bid landscape and keywords suggestion tool allows advertiser to research possible keywords for his campaigns

  • Mass keywords editing, including setting up bids for individual keywords separately for each ad, system will automatically suggest bid price in order to get maximum traffic volume.

  • Ad duplication, possibility to easily duplicate ads and the settings of the duplicated ads

  • Bulk ad submission from a file, including excel or txt file format

  • Advertiser Account financial history

  • Security features include IP blocking to prevent advertiser account from being accessed by unathorized person

  • Live chat with dedicated support available from within the advertiser panel in case that advertiser requires some help