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  • 2012-05-01
    Eight beautiful years ago company was founded in Vienna, thanks to constant support from advertisers and publishers we recorded a stable growth and currently Peakclick is one of the leaders in highly competitive PPC market. We display texts ads over international network of web properities including other ad networks, content publishers and parked domains.

  • 2012-03-20
    Peakclick will be attending Ad:tech in San Francisco, we are looking for a new feed partners so if you are interested in our services please schedule a meeting with our respesentative, we will be available from 2nd to 5th April 2012. We are looking forward to seeing you in Golden City!

  • 2012-02-25

    Our advertising platform is constantly developed and new features are added, due to customer demand we added the following features:

    Traffic sources tailoring which allows to block certain traffic sources from sending traffic

    Ad duplication allows to easily duplicate ads and all of the settings of these ads

  • 2010-04-10
    Due to stable growth over the course of last 5 years the legal form of Peakclick GmbH has been changed yesterday into a Public Limited Company (Aktien Gesselschaft). From now on all publisher and advertisers payments must be sent directly to Peakclick AG bank account instead of GmbH.

  • 2006-02-28

    PeakClick has begun a unique bonus program for webmaster referrals.

    As before, whenever you put us in touch with another webmaster and they are also accepted as a PeakClick affiliate, you will receive a monthly bonus equal to 5% of their income once they are approved.

    In addition, however, we have now also begun offering bonuses for second- and third-level referrals: If a webmaster you have referred then signs up another new webmaster, you will receive a further bonus equal to 2% of that webmaster's income. And if that webmaster in turn refers yet another qualifying webmaster, you will receive a bonus of 1% of their income.

    For example, assume that you refer your friend A. Once A is approved as an affiliate, you will receive a $5 bonus for every $100 they receive. Then, if they refer their friend B, you will receive $2 for every $100 of income that B receives as a PeakClick affiliate. And, if B refers their friend C, you will receive $1 for every $100 of C's income:

    Direct ("1st level") referral - 5% bonus
    "2nd level" referral - 2% bonus
    "3rd level" referral - 1% bonus

    Some of our webmasters are now receiving credit for having directly or indirectly referred over 100 other new PeakClick affiliates!

  • 2005-08-01

    We are now offering a new features for our publishers which increase conversion ratios and makes the ads implementation process much easier. Due to demand we included JavaScript feed and Image feed into our offering, both are optimized for all browsers on the market and will increase click through ratios and conversion ratios.

    Please let us know if you need any additional information about the new implementations.

  • 2005-07-12

    The German version of our website is now ready. All translations have been carefully checked, but if you do encounter any errors or inconsistencies, please let us know!

  • 2005-04-14

    We are now offering our affiliates free hosting for their search engine doorway pages. This service uses fast, reliable servers with lots of IP addresses belonging to a variety of different IP classes. More details are given inside our stats area.