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This page answers the most frequently asked questions regarding PeakClick. If your question is not explained here please contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you. Our contact email address is support@peakclick.com


What is PeakClick?

PeakClick is a Pay Per Click search engine owned by PeakClick GmbH Austria. GmbH is German for "Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung" – the Austrian version of the American Limited Liability Company ("LLC") corporate form hide

How does PeakClick's Affiliate Program work?

Getting paid through PeakClick's PPC program is as easy as 1-2-3.
Step 1: Webmasters install PeakClick's code into their pages. Every time your page visitors load your pages, PeakClick's links appear.
Step 2: Your site visitors click on the PeakClick links.
Step 3: Your PeakClick account is credited and your accumulated balance is paid out to you every 15 days.
PeakClick pays you for all valid clicks generated by your traffic. hide

What are the general requirements for participating in the program?

Websites of our partners must meet certain traffic quality and content standards. Please visit our Terms and Conditions page for a listing of these quality and contents standards. hide

What is your payout percentage?

We pay a generous 70% of all delivered valid clicks. We will be happy to negotiate the share with you once you�ve demonstrated your ability to send high volumes of clicks. hide

When do I get paid?

Our regular payouts are made every 15 days via wire transfer or paypal. However, if you need cash sooner, you can manually request payout sooner than your regularly scheduled payout. We enable you to get paid on time, anytime.
Unlike other sponsors, we do not hold your funds for two weeks or longer after the end of any pay period. We immediately pay right after the end of the month or on the 16th of every month. hide

What currency do you pay out with?

We pay in Euro or US Dollars. Euro is the default form of payment. Payments are calculated from Euro to USD with the average daily exchange rate taken from Forex.com. You can choose your currency during signup.
Note: Once you have made a payout currency selection, the selection is permanent. If you want to switch to another currency, you must create another account at PeakClick. hide

What forms of implementation do you offer?

We currently offer PHP, ASP, HTML or PERL implementations; our feed comes in XML or TEXT form. We also provide you with landing pages and customizable search boxes. We give you the tools you need to succeed. hide

Do you have online reports available?

We have a very detailed online stats reporting module. This module is available in both simple and advanced versions. The advanced version provides you with a very versatile stats analysis tool. hide

Are your stats in real time?

Our stats are refreshed every 15 minutes. Our reporting console displays the current server time and the last time stats were generated. hide

I need help installing your feed

We offer friendly top-notch support. Our staff will help you implement and optimize your search results links to maximize your income potential. PeakClick support staff are committed to your success. hide

I have not received my payment, what should I do?

Please contact us at support@peakclick.com. Please provide your username and pay period for the missing payment. hide

Do you offer subaccounts?

Yes, you can have as many subaccounts as you wish; simply change the parameter *subaff* in the feed url; the subaccount will be automatically created. Your subaccount will then appear in your stats console. hide