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  • Getting paid through PeakClick's Pay-Per-Click program is as easy as 1-2-3.
    Step 1: Webmasters install PeakClick's code into their pages. Every time your visitors load your pages, PeakClick's search results appear.
    Step 2: Your site visitors click on the PeakClick links.
    Step 3: Your PeakClick account is credited and your accumulated balance is paid out to you every 15 days.

  • Webmasters get paid 70% of all sales generated by their traffic. There is no minimum on the amount of traffic you can send. In addition, webmasters get paid bonuses whenever they refer any other qualifying webmasters to PeakClick (equal to 5% of the income of each new affiliate you refer, plus 2% of the income of the new affiliates they refer, and 1% of the income of new affiliates those new affiliates refer - month after month!).

    For example, assume that you refer your friend A. Once A is approved as an affiliate, you will receive a $5 bonus for every $100 they receive. Then, if they refer their friend B, you will receive $2 for every $100 of income that B receives as a PeakClick affiliate. And, if B refers their friend C, you will receive $1 for every $100 of C's income:

    Direct ("1st level") referral - 5% bonus
    "2nd level" referral - 2% bonus
    "3rd level" referral - 1% bonus

  • Payouts are regularly scheduled and promptly made every 15 days. If you need to be paid earlier than your scheduled payout, PeakClick will pay you earlier than scheduled. Just make a Manual Payout request. PeakClick makes sure you get paid on time-every time. We offer payouts via paypayl, wire transfer.

  • Standardized feed format; you can easily switch from any other PPC engine by simply changing the feed url. There is no scripting involved because our feed is standardized.

  • PeakClick's feeds are handled by multiple secure servers with built-in redundancy. If one server goes down, the other servers instantly carry its load. PeakClick's server architecture guarantees uninterrupted service to webmasters.

  • High speed search results allow your surfers to retrieve the information they need quickly and accurately.

  • Surfers receive relevant and numerous results due to our database of thousands of paid advertisements.

  • Implementation has never been this easy: We offer HTML, ASP, PHP or PERL as well as the ability to brand your search offering.

  • With our private label system you can manage a fully customized search engine to maximize your revenues.

  • Fast and accurate stats reporting tools are always available to help you manage your search program anytime.

  • Our staff is always available to assist you in customizing, integrating, optimizing and fine tuning the search