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Peakclick GmbH (limited liability company) was founded in late 2004 in Vienna, Austria. Since its inception the company was working in a pay per click business model, initially focused only on german speaking markets like Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In 2005 the big change has come, the company has moved to Switzerland, kanton Zug because the possibilities of growth were much bigger there and company went international at the same time starting cooperation with many renowned UK and American companies. Peakclick GmbH recorded a stable growth for another 5 years by increasing its advertisers and publishers base, in 2010 company changed its legal form into Public Limited Company (AG), the company name has changed into Peakclick AG.

Currently Peakclick is one of the leaders in highly competitive PPC market, we display texts ads over international network of web properities including other ad networks, content publishers and parked domains to connect advertisers with potential customers.

Our mission is to provide advertisers with friendly online marketing solutions including high quality cost per click traffic.

Since year 2004 the traffic volume in Peakclicks network is steadily growing thanks to increasing base of advertisers and publishers.


2011   1.5 billion impressions per day
2010   1.2 billion
2009   900 million
2008   500 million
2007   200 million
2006   150 million
2005   100 million
2004   55 million